FAQ: Load Data for Berry's Preferred Plated Bullets
Currently published load data is limited to some calibers by Accurate, Western Powders and Hodgdon.  We are working with these companies to get data published for all of our bullets.

We recommend using hard cast load data or start with mid-range jacketed data.  Make sure data is below 1250fps unless you are using a Thick-Plated bullet that we list a higher max velocity for like the 9mm 124gr HBRN-TP that can be shot to 1500fps in open class guns like a .38 Super.  Keep in mind that since our plated bullet has the same pressure curve as a hard cast bullet, the published cast data will be very close to what you will get with our plated bullets.  If you use Jacketed data with our plated bullets you can get  from 5% - 8% increase in velocity using that data.

Other than the data from Western and Accurate for the 9mm, .40S&W and Hodgdon .40S&W  there is no printed data available.

For further questions you can email sales@berrysmfg.com

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  • Load Data for Berry's Preferred Plated Bullets
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