Ammo Storage Ideas

Ammo Storage Ideas

September 26, 2023 By Posted in Blogs

As a responsible gun owner and serious shooter, you understand that the condition of your ammunition can significantly impact its performance – and much of that condition comes down to storage. Storing ammunition properly is not just a smart practice, it’s an essential aspect of gun ownership. But where do you begin with ammo storage, and what are some creative and practical ideas to store your ammunition?

Before we delve into the details of ammo storage, we would be remiss not to mention who we are. We are Berry’s Bullets, a company with decades of experience in not only manufacturing superior plated bullets across a variety of pistol and rifle calibers but also providing superior ammo storage solutions. Our products—ranging from ammo boxes and ammo cans to brass cleaning solutions—are made right here in the USA and meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will use our expertise to guide you through the crucial details of ammo storage. From the basics of maintaining your ammunition’s shelf life to innovative storage ideas, we will make sure you have the knowledge you need for the safe, efficient storage of your ammunition. So whether you’re storing a few rounds or have a significant ammunition stockpile to take care of, stay tuned and discover practical and efficient ammo storage ideas.

Let’s get started by understanding the fundamentals of ammo storage. ammo cans

The Basics of Ammo Storage

Ammo storage might seem quite straightforward at first glance – you just need to keep your rounds somewhere safe, right? In actuality, ammo storage is more nuanced. Paying attention to these details can drastically extend the shelf life of your rounds, preserve your precious ammunition stockpile, and ensure you get optimal performance when you need it the most.


Firstly, consider the environment in which you’re storing your ammo. Humidity levels and temperature swings have a harsh effect on ammunition. If you’re storing ammo in locations with high humidity, your brass casings could corrode. Similarly, hyper-fluctuating temperature can lead to a decrease in your ammo’s shelf life. Thus, a consistent, dry area with controlled humidity is needed to avoid these adverse effects.

But what does ‘dry’ mean in this context? The key here is to avoid any area prone to water leakage, flooding, or excessive moisture—think basements, leaky garages, or near water vessels. There is a sweet spot in terms of atmospheric humidity that won’t damage your ammo, typically between 30-50%. More than that can lead to your ammo rusting and becoming useless.


Extreme weather conditions can also have a detrimental effect on your bulk ammo. Both high heat and freezing temperatures can affect the performance of your ammo. So, make sure your ammunition is kept away from areas exposed to extreme temperature shifts.

And lastly, a word of warning on less-than-ideal storage containers: while it might be tempting to simply toss your surplus ammo in that spare cardboard box, this is a no-go. Cardboard can attract moisture and doesn’t offer protection against physical shock or damage. Your ammunition deserves better—remember, it’s as valuable as precious metal.

That’s your primer on the basics of ammo storage. Armed with this knowledge, let’s explore the various types of ammo storage solutions that can help you keep your ammunition safe and dry.

Different Types of Ammo Storage Solutions

Now that you understand the importance of a controlled environment for your ammunition, let’s dig into various storage solutions that can provide that ideal space. From Berry’s ‘Made in the USA’ ammo boxes and cans to specialized storage areas – we will cover it all.

Different Types of Ammo Storage Solutions


Let’s start with one of the most reliable and frequently used storage solutions: Ammo Boxes and Cans. Ditch those factory cardboard boxes and upgrade to sturdier, more reliable solutions like Berry’s Bullets ammo boxes. They are designed to fit varying calibers and are far more durable than conventional cardboard boxes. You already know that cardboard attracts moisture and doesn’t provide much protection against physical damage. Our ammo boxes, on the other hand, are built to last and protect your ammunition from the inside out.

We also highly recommend our ammo cans. While very similar to ammo boxes, ammo cans typically offer larger storage capacity and are sealed to create an airtight environment, offering superior preservation for your ammunition. At Berry’s Bullets, our ammo cans come with a rubber gasket that ensures an airtight seal, keeping the moisture out and your ammunition safe. And if you’re thinking about plastic ammo cans for their lightweight convenience, rest assured that our ammo cans are made of a tough polymer and offer the same convenience without compromising on durability or quality.


In addition, it is advisable to store all of your ammo boxes and cans inside a gun safe or a dedicated ammo cabinet, especially if you’ve got a large ammunition stockpile. Not only do they provide vast storage space, but they also defend against theft. You can maintain order and organization while keeping your ammo safely locked away.

These ammo storage solutions are diverse enough to cater to most gun owners’ needs. Whether you’re dealing with limited storage space, love to be organized, or have a large stockpile of various ammunition types, there’s a solution that will work for you. With the basics of ammo storage and various storage solutions under your belt, next we delve into best practices for ammo storage.

Best Practices for Ammo Storage

Having the right ammo storage is a great start, but pairing it with good practices takes your ammo preservation to the next level. Below, we share some invaluable tips to ensure you get the most out of your ammunition over the long term.

Best Practices for Ammo Storage


To begin with, wherever you store your ammo, whether it’s in a dedicated gun safe or one of Berry’s Bullets’ ammo cans, resistance against humidity should always be top of mind. Here’s where desiccant packets come into play. These small packets are moisture absorbers that can be placed inside your storage containers. They help to maintain an optimal humidity level within the container, even in areas with high atmospheric moisture, ensuring that your ammunition remains dry.


An airtight seal is your ammunition’s best defense against moisture, a feature standard in our Berry’s Bullets ammo cans. If the seal on your ammo can or box is compromised, use a rubber gasket to restore its integrity. This might seem like a small detail, but it goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of your ammunition.


Last but not least, consider first-in, first-out approach. While some shooters might think this is an overdone tactic, it’s quite efficient, especially for gun owners with a lot of ammo. By continuously rotating your stockpile, you can ensure that older rounds get used first, prolonging the life of your ammunition.

Ammo Storage Ideas: Wrap-Up

So there you have it—hassle-free ammo storage is not as complicated as it seems. It is every bit as important as owning a firearm, given that how you store your ammunition could very well determine its performance in dire circumstances.

In this post, we’ve explored everything from ammo storage basics and potential hazards to storage ideas. We highlighted the impressive features of Berry’s Bullets’ storage options, how to navigate humidity and temperature fluctuations, and even how to use added measures, such as desiccant packs, effectively.

Our main message is clear: ammo, in all its variety and types, is not just rounds of metal; it is a precious and valuable resource to any gun owner. It is essential to treat it as such.

Even as you gear up to apply these storage ideas, remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Your choice will be based on the volume of ammunition you have, your geographic location, personal preferences, and, of course, budget considerations.

Ammo Storage Ideas: Wrap-Up


Considering all that we’ve discussed, our hope is that you have a clearer vision of your ammo storage solution need and how Berry’s Bullets offerings can meet that. Our storage options are made to ensure that your ammunition lasts as long as necessary, maintains quality, and most importantly, works reliably when called into action.

We encourage you to put these ideas into practice and explore our range of products specifically designed to protect your valuable ammunition. After all, good ammunition storage is peace of mind.

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