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300 AAC 220gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

These 220 gr are the cats meow! quality, price, accuracy make them a go to for my AAC in a AR platform. have used in a rem 700 also, 50-100 yard . both suppressed . Thanks for making a great…

Berry's Blue Diamond .50 Cal. Muzzleloader Bullets

The BP 50-250gr muzzle loader from Berry’s provides consistent performance for traditional shooting enthusiasts. Though a bit niche, its quality and durability make it a worthy purchase for those in the market for such equipment.

9mm (.356) 147 gr Hybrid Hollow Point

Berry’s BP 9mm .356 147gr HHP bullets are precision-made, providing excellent consistency for those seeking both accuracy and stopping power. A solid choice for those who prioritize quality in their ammunition components.

Why Reload with Berry’s?

For over 60 years, Berry’s Bullets has been delivering quality products and services to our customers. We have been committed to providing the most exceptional reloading bullets on the market as well as all the necessary accessories for cleaning, reloading, and more. But our stand-out products aren’t the only things that set us apart.

Craftsmanship: From our copper-plated bullets to our ammo boxes, our products are made with intent, care, and acute attention to detail. We understand that cutting corners in this industry is not an option, which is why we use state-of-the-art technology and machinery in all our manufacturing processes.

Made in the USA: All our high-quality bullets and accessories are manufactured in-house in our St. George, Utah facility. We are proud that our customers can rightfully claim to shop Made in the USA products.

Family Run: Started by Ray Berry back in 1961, the reigns have been passed down generation by generation. Through this, we have handed down extensive knowledge on shooting and bullet design. We understand how the industry has changed over the years, which guides how we look toward the future.

Superior Pistol Bullets

We have over 71 types of pistol bullets over 13 different calibers ranging from .32 to .500. We want to ensure that every customer, whether they be hunters, competition shooters, plinkers, or anything in between, has access to the right bullet and supplies to load their own ammo. This means that you can find just about any projectile you want to fit your specific reloading needs.

We manufacture our bullets in a variety of styles for different applications like hybrid hollow point, round nose, flat nose, round shoulder, and more. Our copper-plated bullets are indoor range safe and are incredibly accurate. Find out today why shooters around the world trust Berry’s to deliver exceptional quality every time.

Our Bullet Making Process

Berry’s Bullets’ manufacturing process for our copper-plated bullets is a detailed and meticulous one, starting with a swaged lead core. This core is carefully formed under high pressure, ensuring a uniform density that contributes to the bullet’s stability in flight.

The core then undergoes a process known as electroplating, where it is dipped in a copper sulfate solution and an electric current is applied. This causes a layer of copper to deposit onto the lead core, effectively covering it and leaving no lead exposure. The copper plating not only provides a protective barrier for the lead but also reduces barrel fouling and improves bullet performance.

After the electroplating process, the bullets are then re-struck. This involves passing the bullets through a die to ensure they meet precise specifications, such as overall length and diameter. The re-striking process reinforces the bond between the copper and the lead core and smoothens out any imperfections that may have been caused during electroplating.

Finally, the bullets are thoroughly inspected for quality assurance. This rigorous process ensures that we consistently provide bullets with superior accuracy, reliability, and performance, round after round.

Plated vs Jacketed vs Cast Bullets

At Berry’s, almost all our bullets are copper-plated as opposed to jacketed or cast for a few reasons. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three.

Plated: plated bullets, as covered in the content above, are made by electroplating a thin layer of copper around a lead core. This complete plating process greatly reduces lead fouling in the barrel, which means less maintenance and improved accuracy. Further, you can generally find plated bullets at more affordable price when compared to jacketed. Plated bullets are great when used in ammunition for plinking, target shooting, and competition.

Jacketed: these projectiles are made with a copper or other metal jacket around a lead core. Jacketed bullets are typically stronger than cast or plated bullets, meaning they can be fired at higher velocities and from firearms with tighter tolerances without compromising the structural integrity. This makes jacketed bullets more suitable for applications like hunting. Due to this improved strength, jacketed bullets tend to be more expensive than cast or plated, which can be a drawback for some.

Cast: cast bullets are made by pouring molten lead into a mold or “cast.” The biggest advantage of cast bullets is their affordability. They are cheaper than most other options, which appeals to budget shooters. However, these projectiles tend to cause more lead fouling than other types of bullets. This will have long term effects on accuracy and require more maintenance.

Plated bullets are a happy medium between the performance of jacketed bullets and the affordability of cast.

Everything You Need for Reloading

Berry’s Superior Plated Bullets® aren’t our only products than can help with your reloading.

Reloading Accessories: we have a few necessary accessories and tools for your reloading needs including our bullet puller, primer flip tray, powder funnel set, data labels, and metallic cartridge case lube.

Brass Cleaning: keeping your brass cases clean can be a hassle for any reloader. We’ve got the tools to aid you here with our vibratory tumblers, polish and media, and cleaning kits.

VersaCradle™: for gun maintenance, the VersaCradle™ systems provide unrivaled stability and versatility. Our patented ball and case provide 360º of motion for the most adaptable, rock-solid platform available for your firearm maintenance or bench rest needs.

Ammo Boxes: once you have your ammunition ready for the range, you’ll need somewhere to store or carry it. Our ammo boxes are the perfect solution. We have a wide range of high-strength plastic ammo boxes to fit just about any type of ammo you may have.