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300 AAC 220gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

These 220 gr are the cats meow! quality, price, accuracy make them a go to for my AAC in a AR platform. have used in a rem 700 also, 50-100 yard . both suppressed . Thanks for making a great…

Berry's Blue Diamond .50 Cal. Muzzleloader Bullets

The BP 50-250gr muzzle loader from Berry’s provides consistent performance for traditional shooting enthusiasts. Though a bit niche, its quality and durability make it a worthy purchase for those in the market for such equipment.

9mm (.356) 147 gr Hybrid Hollow Point

Berry’s BP 9mm .356 147gr HHP bullets are precision-made, providing excellent consistency for those seeking both accuracy and stopping power. A solid choice for those who prioritize quality in their ammunition components.

Designed for versatility and efficiency, the .300 Blackout bullet is a top choice for shooters looking to maximize their shooting experience. The .300 Blackout cartridge is uniquely versatile in that it can be loaded to be either subsonic or supersonic, primarily influenced by the weight of the bullet (grain load) and the type of powder charge used. This adaptability allows shooters to tailor their ammunition to specific needs, whether you’re engaging in tactical applications, hunting, or target shooting, Berry’s Superior Plated Rifle Bullets® provide the quality and reliability you need.

History of the .300 Blackout Bullet

The .300 Blackout emerged from a collaboration between special forces and the Advanced Armament Corporation. This innovation was aimed at creating a versatile rifle cartridge that could seamlessly transition between subsonic and supersonic loads, making it highly adaptable for various shooting scenarios. 300 Blackout ammo was engineered to be compatible with the AR-15 platform, utilizing standard AR-15 magazines while delivering performance comparable to the 7.62x39mm round, commonly used in AK-47s. This adaptability has made the .300 Blackout a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including close quarters combat and hunting.

Our Range of .300 Blackout Bullets

Explore the variety of .300 Blackout bullets available at Berry’s Bullets, each tailored to meet different shooting demands with precision and quality:

300 AAC 150gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

Our AAC blackout 150 grain bullet strikes a balance between speed and power, ideal for those seeking a flat trajectory and high velocity performance. It’s a versatile choice for both hunting and target shooting, offering reliable expansion and pinpoint accuracy.

300 AAC 180gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

The 180 gr 300 blackout bullet offers a heavier supersonic option for shooters looking for longer effective range impact and energy. Its weight enhances stability and stopping power, suitable for more demanding shooting tasks while maintaining a sleek, aerodynamic profile.

300 AAC 200gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

Choose our 200gr Blackout Spire Point when you need a substantial bullet that delivers deep impact and momentum. This bullet weight is excellent for deliberate, powerful shots, especially in scenarios where stopping power and high muzzle velocity are critical for penetration.

300 AAC 220gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

The 220gr Spire Point is the heaviest 300 blackout bullet weight we carry, designed for maximum impact and a subdued trajectory, perfect for subsonic applications and suppressed shooting. This heavy bullet is the go-to choice for shooters wanting to maximize energy transfer and noise reduction, especially in tactical and stealth scenarios.

Benefits and Use Cases of the .300 Blackout Bullet

Berry’s .300 Blackout bullets offer a multitude of benefits, making them a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines. From tactical applications to hunting and target shooting, the adaptability and performance of these bullets shine through in every scenario.

Tactical Use

In tactical environments, the .300 Blackout excels with its ability to switch between supersonic and subsonic projectiles, offering quiet operation with suppressors and effective engagement at varied distances. Its compatibility with the AR platform makes it a preferred choice for law enforcement and military operations.

Target Shooting and Competition

The .300 Blackout is also a favorite among target shooters and competitors for its adaptability and performance. It accommodates a wide range of shooting styles and preferences, from precision shooting to plinking.

Reloading and Customization

Reloading enthusiasts appreciate the .300 Blackout for its ease of reloading and the ability to fine-tune loads. This customization ensures optimal performance for specific applications, whether for accuracy, reduced recoil, or enhanced muzzle energy.

Why Reload With Berry’s?

When it comes to reloading .300 Blackout bullets, Berry’s Bullets stands out for its commitment to quality and precision. With over 60 years in bullet manufacturing, our experience is evident in every bullet we produce. Made in the USA, our bullets are crafted from start to finish in our facilities, ensuring each product meets our high standards for weight, design, and performance. Reloading with Berry’s means choosing a product born from dedication and expertise. Whether for tactical use or target shooting, our .300 Blackout bullets offer superior performance without straining your budget.

Our Bullet Making Process

At Berry’s, the creation of our .300 Blackout bullets begins with a swaged lead core, ensuring uniform density and in-flight stability. This precision forms the foundation of each bullet’s performance. The core is then electroplated with a thin layer of copper, not just covering it, but bonding to it. This copper jacket reduces barrel fouling and maintains the bullet’s integrity throughout its trajectory. It’s a crucial step that enhances performance by ensuring consistent, accurate, and clean shooting.

Following electroplating, each bullet is re-struck to precise specifications, a process that ensures uniform diameter and length across batches. This meticulous attention to detail results in bullets that provide reliable feeding and chambering in various firearms. Our rigorous quality control process involves multiple checks for dimensions, weight, and overall quality, ensuring that each .300 Blackout bullet we produce meets the high standards of performance and reliability that shooters expect from Berry’s products. This commitment to excellence ensures that every bullet delivers superior accuracy and performance, shot after shot.

Why Plated Bullets?

Plated bullets offer several unique advantages. They significantly reduce barrel fouling, thanks to the copper plating, leading to less maintenance and a cleaner firearm. Economically, they are a cost-effective option, particularly for shooters who use large volumes of ammo in activities like range training or competitive shooting. The copper plating also aids in maintaining bullet shape during flight, promoting greater accuracy. Furthermore, plated bullets are a safer option, reducing lead exposure and contributing to a healthier shooting environment.