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300 AAC 220gr (.308) Blackout Spire Point

These 220 gr are the cats meow! quality, price, accuracy make them a go to for my AAC in a AR platform. have used in a rem 700 also, 50-100 yard . both suppressed . Thanks for making a great…

Berry's Blue Diamond .50 Cal. Muzzleloader Bullets

The BP 50-250gr muzzle loader from Berry’s provides consistent performance for traditional shooting enthusiasts. Though a bit niche, its quality and durability make it a worthy purchase for those in the market for such equipment.

9mm (.356) 147 gr Hybrid Hollow Point

Berry’s BP 9mm .356 147gr HHP bullets are precision-made, providing excellent consistency for those seeking both accuracy and stopping power. A solid choice for those who prioritize quality in their ammunition components.

At Berry’s Bullets, we’re not just selling bullets. We offer an experience, a legacy, and most importantly, a guarantee of quality and performance. Whether you’re a recreational shooter, a member of law enforcement, or a die-hard fan of the Smith & Wesson revolvers, our .44 caliber offerings will not disappoint. Dive into our range and discover why reloaders and shooters nationwide put their trust in Berry’s.

History of .44 Caliber Bullets

The history of the .44 caliber bullet stretches back to the 19th century and is deeply intertwined with the iconic Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver, a piece made famous in part by Clint Eastwood in his classic films. With a bullet diameter of approximately .429 in (10.9 mm), .44 caliber bullets are cherished for their powerful impact and versatile applications. Berry’s Bullets offers a collection of .44 caliber bullets suitable for both the well-regarded .44 Magnum cartridge and the .44 Special. Our selection includes the 220-grain flat point240-grain flat point, and 240-grain target hollow point.

Common Uses of .44 Bullets

The .44 caliber bullet is an excellent choice for various activities, from target shooting to self-defense. Shooters can rely on the .44’s higher velocity and potent punch thanks to its bullet design, making it a favorite among handgun cartridges. Our .44 bullets offer ideal performance for target shooting, self-defense, and recreational shooting, such as plinking or competition.

.44 Magnum and its Influence

The .44 Magnum cartridge was largely influenced by Elmer Keith, an American firearms enthusiast. Its parent cartridge, the .44 Remington Magnum, was initially designed for revolvers. Still, later, it was adapted for carbines and semi-automatic pistols. Smith & Wesson played a significant role in popularizing the .44 magnum revolver, contributing to the round’s legendary status.

The .44 Magnum rounds are known for their high velocity and heavy bullet, typically seen in 240-grain bullet weights. The magnum’s close-up shot capabilities are second to none, given the proper shot placement. With these features, it’s no surprise that law enforcement and avid shooters alike have an undisputed appreciation for this caliber.

Comparative Analysis: .44 Caliber vs. Other Handgun Calibers

In the diverse universe of handgun cartridges, the .44 caliber bullet occupies a unique and significant place. Boasting a notable bullet diameter of roughly .429 inches, .44 Cal ammo inherently possesses a heavier bullet, giving it a formidable mass and power. This results in the capacity to deliver a potent close-up shot, optimizing shot placement, especially during critical self-defense moments.


Its versatility is another standout feature. The .44 caliber bullet, particularly when discussing the magnum bullet, shines in multiple scenarios, be it for precise target shooting or critical law enforcement situations. When we consider the performance metrics, the magnum, thanks to its high velocity and inherent design to handle higher pressures, tends to outclass many other lighter bullet designs. The magnum’s synthesis with designs, such as our flat point, further accentuates its efficacy and results.


Safety and quality assurance are paramount, and Berry’s Bullets stands as a testament to this commitment. Every .44 caliber bullet, tailored for either the magnum revolver or semi-automatic pistols, undergoes rigorous quality checks. Factors like ensuring impeccable bullet diameter and the usage of standard composite rubber for particular designs underline Berry’s unwavering commitment to shooter safety and satisfaction.

Proper Handling and Storage Tips

At Berry’s Bullets, ensuring the safety of our customers is paramount. When handling any caliber of bullet, especially the powerful .44 caliber, the right precautions are essential:

  1. Ammunition Storage: Store your ammunition, including mag ammo, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid areas with high humidity, as this can compromise the cartridge case and the bullet itself. Check out Berry’s Ammo Cans and Ammo Boxes for a cost-effective solution.
  2. Avoid Direct Contact: Whenever possible, use gloves when handling bullets to avoid direct contact with lead bullets. This minimizes the risks of reproductive harm and birth defects.
  3. Ensure Correct Ammo for Your Firearm: Using the wrong caliber bullet or cartridge in your firearm can result in dangerously high pressures. Always check the cartridge and bullet diameter to ensure compatibility with your firearm. For instance, .44 magnum rounds should be used only in firearms designed for them.
  4. Shipping & Transport: When shipping bullets, especially magnum cartridges, follow all local and federal regulations. Ensure they are securely packed to prevent any hazardous material exposure or accidental ignition.

Why Choose Berry’s Bullets for .44 Bullets

Berry’s Superior Plated Bullets® are unmatched in the market. By using a blend of lead bullets and a bonded copper jacket, they provide shooters with the perfect compromise between the cost-effectiveness of lead and the high velocity and penetration depth of jacketed bullets. All our bullets, including the jacketed hollow point and soft point variants, undergo rigorous testing to maintain our standards.

Furthermore, our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. Berry’s Bullets takes pride in our customer service, assisting with any inquiries and ensuring your reloading needs are met. Our extensive range of .44 Cal bullets provides both novice and experienced shooters with quality ammunition options. With our products, higher pressures and greater velocity are achieved, ideal for those using smokeless powder in their reloads.