.40 (.401) 180 gr Hybrid Hollow Point

.40 (.401) 180 gr Hybrid Hollow Point



Berry’s .40 180 grain Hybrid Hollow Point bullets combine affordability with exceptional performance. These bullets are produced with a swaged lead core and electroplated copper, ensuring each bullet meets exact specifications (toggle for load data). Ideal for self-defense and recreational shooting applications, they deliver unmatched precision and reliability shot after shot.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid hollow point design
  • Precise electroplated copper
  • Swaged lead core
  • Consistent 11″-13″ penetration


  • Bullet O.A.L.:.598"
  • Cartridge Name:40 S&W
  • Cartridge O.A.L.:1.120"
  • Recommended Velocity:975 - 1075 fps
  • Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website.
  • Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets.
  • You can use a taper or a roll crimp.
  • Don’t over crimp the brass after seating. This causes bullet core separation, leading to increased copper fouling and accuracy issues.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended maximum velocities listed. This creates bullet core separation and accuracy issues.
  • Use a round nose seating stem. A flat point seating stem will alter the performance of the Hybrid Hollow Point.

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History & Evolution of .40 Cal Bullets

The .40 caliber bullet was developed for law enforcement agencies in order to bridge the gap between the high velocity of 9mm rounds and the substantial stopping power of .45 ACP. Initially favored for its balance of power and control, the .40 cal has undergone significant advancements, particularly in bullet design and performance characteristics. Hybrid hollow point bullets, like Berry’s .40 180 gr bullets, represent these advancements by combining deep penetration with the rapid expansion and consistent performance. Over the years, these bullets have grown to be versatile and affordable enough to be suitable for civilian applications like home defense and plinking.

Exceptional for Self-Defense

Berry’s .40 cal hybrid hollow point bullets are engineered specifically for self-defense applications. The hybrid hollow point design excels in critical defense situations by ensuring maximum expansion upon impact, a key factor in neutralizing threats swiftly while reducing the likelihood of collateral damage. The expanded diameter of the hollow point increases the bullet’s stopping power without over-penetrating, crucial for safety in densely populated environments. Coupled with the power of a .40 caliber, these bullets provide a formidable solution for personal protection. While you may be tempted to lean toward 9mm bullets due to their higher capacity magazines and lesser recoil, a 9mm will not provide the power and expansion benefits of a .40 cal HHP. Like 9mm bullets, .40 cal ammo is compatible with various firearms, including popular models like the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0.

The Berry’s Bullets Advantage

With over 60 years in the industry, Berry’s Bullets has been a pioneer in bullet manufacturing, focusing on quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our bullets are proudly made in the USA, offering shooters superior performance and reliability. Trust Berry’s for all your shooting needs, from self-defense to target practice.

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Whether for professional duty or personal defense, Berry’s .40 180 gr hybrid hollow point bullets are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, helping you make every shot count.