.40 S&W/10mm

10mm ammo was introduced back in 1983 as a semi-automatic pistol cartridge, then known as 10mm Auto. The round was briefly used by the FBI but was later decommissioned due to the excessive recoil it produced. A reduced-recoil round was created in response to this known as "10mm Lite." Later, Smith & Wesson created a new version of the 10mm round with a shorter casing, allowing for use in smaller semi-automatic handguns. This became known as the .40 Smith & Wesson often referred to as .40 S&W or just "forty cal." The handgun cartridge has since become popular among law enforcement, while the 10mm Auto is still relatively popular as well.

Looking for some 10mm bullets for reloading your ammunition? We've got you covered. Berry's has the best 10mm plated bullets on the market whether you are looking for self-defense, handgun hunting, working in law enforcement, or anything in between.

We are proud to offer the finest bonded copper-jacketed bullets on the market today. Berry's plated bullets are started with a swaged lead core and are then electroplated with copper to their final weight. We carry a wide selection of .40 S&W/10mm bullets including flat point, round nose, hollow point, and more in grains ranging from 155 to 200.