Berry's Double Pistol Cases

Berry's Double Pistol Cases

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Unlock unrivaled security and organization for your firearms with Berry’s Double Pistol Case. This hard-shell case is the perfect solution for those looking to transport or store multiple handguns, along with other essential accessories. Crafted from a high-impact polymer composite, Berry's Double Pistol Case is designed to endure the toughest conditions, offering optimal defense against water damage, dust, and impacts. The interior features one primary compartment that is lined with protective foam layers, helping you keep your valuable pistols in prime condition. Its airtight construction guards against environmental elements, making it an indispensable companion for any shooter.

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Desert Tan
  • Dimensions: L: 15" W: 10" H: 4"
  • Material: Molded from impact-resistant polymer composite
  • Interior: Equipped with protective foam layers for maximum protection
  • Security: Features padlock rings compatible with TSA-approved locks
  • Capacity: Designed to hold two full-size pistols
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime guarantee for all pistol cases
  • Origin: Proudly made in the USA

Why Choose Berry’s Multiple Pistol Case

Great for Storage: Berry's multi-pistol case not only serves as a protective container but also as an organized storage solution for a pistol and accessories like extra magazines or eye protection, ensuring everything you need to hit the shooting range is in one place.

Maximum Protection: With its heavy-duty, high-impact polymer shell and airtight construction, this case offers superior protection against physical damage, moisture, and dust, safeguarding your investment with its two layers of protective foam.

Lifetime Warranty: Berry’s commitment to quality is unwavering. This is backed up by the lifetime warranty on our handgun carrying case. Rest assured knowing your gun case is covered for life, reflecting our confidence in its durability and design.

The Berry’s Bullets Advantage

For over 60 years, Berry's Bullets has stood at the forefront of shooting and reloading supplies, crafting superior bullets and accessories for shooters across the globe. From our beginnings with superior plated bullets to our current range that includes everything from ammo boxes to vibratory cleaning tumblers, our commitment to excellence never sleeps. Choosing Berry's Bullets means choosing a family-operated business that prioritizes exceptional quality, friendly customer service, and a proudly Made in the USA product lineup. Our Double Pistol Case embodies this commitment, offering unmatched protection and organization for your valuable firearms. Trust in Berry's Bullets for all your shooting needs, where tradition meets innovation.