VersaCradle­™ Machine Vise System

VersaCradle­™ Machine Vise System

SKU: 05573


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Have you ever had that small part where you needed it placed at just the right angle and held steady to work on it? The VersaCradle™ Machine Vise System is the solution to that problem. With a quality machine vise mounted on the patented 360° Ball & Case, you can place the tool in any position within 360° and lock it in rock steady. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

  • Vise opens to 1.5”
  • Included hardware provides permanent mounting or can be clamped with the VersaCradle™ C-Clamps
  • Includes VersaCradle™ 360° Ball & Case with new quick-connect knobs, allowing for easy conversion to any offered system kits and accessories.