Ammo Box #001 .380 – 9mm 100rd

Ammo Box #001 .380 – 9mm 100rd



Meet Berry’s Ammo Box #001, the ideal storage solution for your .380 to 9mm caliber ammunition. Constructed from high-impact polypropylene, this ammo box resists cracking, chipping, warping, and weathering, ensuring your ammo stays secure and protected. The 100-round box is equipped with a new, stronger flip-top design that allows for easy, one-handed operation. The translucent lid paired with a durable black base not only adds to its durability but also offers a clean appearance. Choose from four lid colors: Blue, Smoke, Clear, and Green, to customize your ammo storage.



  • .380 ACP
  • 9mm
  • .25 Auto
  • .25 NAA
  • .30 Luger
  • .32 Auto
  • .32 NAA
  • .32 Short Colt
  • .32 S&W
  • 9 x 18mm Makarov

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Berry’s Ammo Box #001 fits a wide range of pistol calibers including 9mm, .380 ACP, and more, making it a versatile choice for handgun owners. The precise cell dimensions ensure each round is neatly organized and accessible. Thanks to its stackable design, consolidating your ammo storage is simple and space-efficient. The clear lid allows you to quickly view your ammo, while optional data labels help keep your collection organized. Whether at home or on the range, this ammo box is designed to meet all your needs.

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The Berry’s Bullets Advantage

With over 60 years of expertise, Berry’s Bullets is committed to providing superior-plated bullets and ammo storage solutions. As a family-based business, we take pride in offering excellent customer service and producing products that are proudly Made in the USA. Each ammo box comes with a lifetime warranty, reinforcing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Explore our full range of products including ammo cans and range boxes to find the perfect storage solution for your needs.