Ammo Box #150 50 BMG – CheyTac 10rd

Ammo Box #150 50 BMG – CheyTac 10rd



When it comes to safeguarding your valuable 50 caliber bullets, Berry’s Bullets Ammo Box #150 is the ultimate choice. Our high-quality, American-made ammo boxes are designed to provide unparalleled protection for your bullets. All Berry’s Ammo Boxes are made from high impact polypropylene for increased strength against cracking, chipping, warping, expansion, or contraction. These 10 round slip-top boxes include side grooves that grab the top securely and allow you to adjust the lid to the desired length. They are translucent and stackable, they carry a lifetime warranty, and they are made in the USA.

  • Available in Smoke and Clear colors.
  • Length adjustment: 4-5/8  to  6-5/8″ long.
  • #150 Ammo Box Dimensions: 6.43″ oal x .73″.


  • .50 BMG
  • .375 Cheyenne Tactical
  • .408 Cheyenne Tactical
  • .416 Barrett
  • .50 DTC Europ
  • .505 Gibbs

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Why It Is Important to Store Your Ammo

Protection from the Elements: Humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures can cause warping, expansion, or contraction of your valuable ammunition. Our ammo boxes feature a superior seal to protect your rounds from environmental threats, ensuring they stay reliable and consistent.

Protection Against Damage: Ammo can easily become scratched, nicked, or damaged if not stored properly. Storing your ammo in one of Berry’s Ammo Boxes prevents cracking and chipping, ensuring your bullets stay in top condition.

Why It Is Important To Have a 50 Cal Specific Ammo Box

Customized Fit: Our #150 Ammo Box is designed specifically for .50 caliber ammunition. The holes are meticulously fit to size, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your rounds.

Isolated Storage: Keeping your .50 caliber bullets isolated from other calibers is crucial for organization and quick access. With Berry’s Ammo Boxes, you can keep your rounds expertly organized, eliminating the hassle of sorting through a large pile of bulk ammo storage for your 50 cals.

Why Choose Berry’s Bullets For Your Ammo Storage Needs

Berry’s Bullets has built a reputation in the industry for producing affordable, high-quality bullets and reloading accessories. When you choose Berry’s Bullets, you are choosing a company with decades of experience and commitment to excellence. Beyond our Ammo Box #150, we offer a wide selection of ammo boxes, which allows us to give you the option to shop by caliber specifically. You can trust that our products are not only affordable but built to last, ensuring your investment in ammo storage is well-protected.