Berry’s Superior Bullet Puller

Mistakes happen, so be prepared. Our Berry’s Superior Bullet Puller uses kinetic energy to quickly break down a cartridge without damaging the bullet or the case. The rubberized grip is easy on your hands and a rubber insert inside the cylinder protects your pulled bullets. Easy and convenient to use, they carry a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

What is a Bullet Puller?

A bullet puller is a reloading tool used to remove bullets from loaded cartridges without damaging the ammo. This is generally done if a mistake was made during the loading of the ammunition or if the projectile or other components of the cartridge need to be reused. Berry’s Superior Bullet Puller is a kinetic bullet puller, often used by shooters that want to disassemble cartridges quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Our Kinetic Bullet Puller

Using a kinetic bullet puller, or inertia bullet puller as it is sometimes called, is a fairly simple process. Here are the steps to disassemble your ammunition:

  1. Place the cartridge (pistol or rifle) into the collet of the bullet puller.
  2. Firmly screw the cap and ensure that it is tightly threaded and won’t come loose.
  3. Hold the body of the puller firmly and strike the cap against a hard surface. You may have to smack the puller a few times to get the projectile out.
  4. The bullet and powder should move to the other side of the puller while the case is left in the collet.
  5. Remove the components and repeat.

When choosing a kinetic bullet puller, it’s important to note that repeated use will wear on the equipment. That’s why the Berry’s Superior Bullet Puller is made from high-quality plastic and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Collet information:
    Pistol                                      Rifle
    Black (X-Small) –      Small pistol                      Small Rifle Calibers
    Blue (Small) –           .32 – .380                          17 Rem – 223 Rem
    Green (Large) –        9mm – 10mm                    6mm – 8mm
    Red (X-Large) –        .41 – .45 ACP                    Belted Mags – 45-70


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