.45 (.452) LC 250gr FP

.45 (.452) LC 250gr FP



45 Colt Bullet

Berry’s Superior Plated Bullets® represent the peak of bonded copper-jacketed bullet technology available in today’s market. Our manufacturing process begins with a swaged lead core which is then enveloped entirely through an electroplating process with copper to its final weight, completely eliminating any lead exposure. These bullets are then subjected to a re-striking process to ensure exact specifications, solidifying the bond and ensuring uniformity with every single round. Safe for use in indoor ranges and offering unparalleled accuracy, Berry’s Superior Plated Bullets® have become the preferred choice for shooting enthusiasts far and wide.

About the .45 Long Colt

The .45 Colt, also referred to as .45 Long Colt, is a type of ammunition that was first introduced in 1872 for the Colt Single Action Army revolver. This cartridge was originally a black powder round, but with the advent of smokeless powder, the .45 Colt evolved into a more powerful and versatile ammunition.

This cartridge is renowned for its accuracy, making it a preferred choice for recreational and sport shooters. It is frequently used in cowboy action shooting, a competitive shooting sport that emulates the gunfights of the Old West. This 250 grain flat point bullet is also perfect for reloaders who enjoy plinking or target shooting.

Despite being over 150 years old, the .45 Colt remains popular. It’s often chosen for its soft recoil, which makes it manageable and pleasant to shoot, even in smaller, lightweight revolvers. With its rich history and continued relevance, the .45 Colt has proven to be one of the enduring icons in the world of firearms.

.45 Colt Performance Breakdown


Diameter: .452 inches

Total Capacity: 41.60 gr+H2O

Primer Type: Large Pistol

Maximum Pressure (CIP): 15,900 psi

Maximum Pressure (SAAMI) 14,000 psi


Expect light to moderate recoil. The exact energy will depend on the load and the firearm, but it could fall somewhere around 10-15 foot-pounds in a mid-weight revolver.

Muzzle Energy (Stopping Power)

The exact muzzle energy will vary depending on the load, but you can expect to have 400-450 ft/lbs of energy from a round loaded with this bullet.


  • Bullet O.A.L.:.614"
  • Cartridge Name:45 Long Colt
  • Cartridge O.A.L.:1.570"
  • Max Velocity:1250 fps
  • Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website.
  • Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets.
  • You can use a taper or a roll crimp.
  • Don’t over crimp the brass after seating. This causes bullet core separation, leading to increased copper fouling and accuracy issues.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended maximum velocities listed. This creates bullet core separation and accuracy issues.

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