At Berry’s Bullets, we understand the true value of keeping your brass clean and pristine. That’s why we are excited to introduce our premium quality Corn Cob Media – a top-notch solution for maintaining your brass to its highest standard. Berry’s Corn Media is a fine 14/20 grit corn cob for use in our vibratory tumblers. It will clean and polish your brass to a bright and shiny finish.

Why Cleanliness Matters in the World of Reloading

When you enter the world of reloading, the cleanliness of your brass can make all the difference. Dirty brass can cause many issues including inaccurate bullets and potential damage to your firearm. Our Corn Cob Media is designed to combat these issues, providing a gentle but thorough clean that can bring even the grimiest brass back to life.

The Science Behind Corn Cob Media

Our Corn Cob Media, made from crushed corn cobs, has been expertly curated to ensure optimal cleaning. The corn cob granules are just the right size to scrub away the residue in the case and primer pockets without causing any scratches. They’re tough on grime, but soft on brass, ensuring that your materials are well-preserved and ready for action.

Eco-friendly Solution for Your Brass

What sets our Corn Cob Media apart is its absorbent nature. Each kernel works as a natural sponge, soaking up the grit, grime, and dirt from your brass casings, leaving them clean and ready to be used. It is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable solution that not only takes care of your brass but also the environment.

How to Use Berry’s Corn Cob Media

Using our Corn Cob Media is as simple as it gets. Place your brass in a tumbler, add a suitable amount of media, add 2-3 capfuls of the Berry’s Brass Bright Polish, and let it do its work. Once completed, you’ll have brass that looks and performs like new. This product will not only save you time but also the costs associated with replacing damaged brass or equipment.

Invest in Superior Quality

Investing in Berry’s Bullets Corn Cob Media is a long-term saving. It’s about being an informed consumer and realizing the value of properly maintained brass. It’s about understanding the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re firing clean, safe, and accurate bullets.

Berry’s Bullets Corn Cob Media – because we believe in providing nothing but the best for your brass cleaning needs. Clean brass. Clean shot. Every time. Let us guide you through a journey of superior brass cleaning. Experience the Berry’s Bullets difference today.

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